Reefs Illuminated

Reefs Illuminated takes viewers on an underwater journey to the remote and pristine South Pacific coral reefs of the Solomon Islands, a biodiversity hotspot, where they accompany American Museum of Natural History scientists on nighttime biofluorescent scuba dives.

The project blends cutting-edge cinematography and science to create an immersive experience showcasing a mysterious biological phenomenon where blue light is absorbed by certain marine creatures and transformed into vivid shades of green, yellow, orange and red. Outfitted with special custom-designed underwater cameras and lights, scientists John Sparks, David Gruber and Vincent Pieribone evoke and capture the mysterious and hidden world of biofluorescence in blue ocean waters.

The footage includes some of the first recordings of biofluorescent species of both cartilaginous (sharks and rays) and bony fishes (eels, anglerfishes, and seahorses) along with biofluorescent corals, anemones, crinoids and numerous other glowing invertebrates.

Reefs Illuminated is an art/science fusion directed by Brennan Vance with an original soundtrack by Freezepop’s Sean Drinkwater. Cinematography by Ken Corben, David Gruber, Vincent Pieribone, John Sparks and Brennan Vance shot during a National Geographic/Waitt expedition as well as nighttime shoots at the Mystic Aquarium.

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